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GREEN Cold Pressed Juices

The chlorophyll contained in green juice can help with blood oxygenation, cleansing the body of toxins, such as the liver and intestines, and stimulating the immune system.


Nut milk is characterized by having a high content of vitamin B, fiber, protein, beneficial fats for the heart, sodium, potassium and being free of lactose and cholesterol.

RED Cold Pressed Juices

Red juices, in particular, have antioxidant properties and their vitamin C content favors the formation of collagen.

This is essential for maintaining the health of our skin.

GREEN and RED Homemade Soups

Homemade Soup Chaya Sweet Potato improve circulation, aid digestion, reduce inflammation.

Homemade Soup Beetroot Comino boost athletic performance, increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation.

GREEN Superfood Frozen Bowl

Mango, banana, spinach, ceremonial grade matcha, organic unsweetened coconut milk. Topped with: Organic granola, organic hemp seed, organic cacao nibs, banana.