LP Detox 1 -- Beginners Detox Plan

​ Packed with a variety of juices to renew and revitalize.

 The Beginners Detox Plan gently purifies the body, eliminates unhealthy toxins, and assists you in returning to a natural state of energy and wellbeing.

A great option for those who are new to juice detox cleansing and want a variety of delicious juices in their detox experience. The Beginners Detox Plan is great to reset your system after a bit of excess.

Hydrate, detoxify and alkalinize your body with all the colors of the rainbow. Your body will thank you!

The Beginners Detox Plan Includes, 8 Liquid Prana glass bottles per day:

  • 1 Gracious Greens (Cucumber, Romaine, Spinach, Ginger, Lemon)
  • 1 Sweet Gracious Greens (Cucumber, Romaine, Spinach, Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint Essential oil, Apple)
  • 1 Roots Energy (Beetroot, Apple, Celery, Lemon)
  • 1 Crazy Lean (Pineapple, Apple, Lemon, Peppermint Essential oil)
  • 1 LP Master Cleanzer (Alkaline Water, Organic Cayenne, Organic Maple Syrup, Lime Essential Oil)
  • 1 LP Chocolate Almond Mylk (Sprouted Almonds, Alkaline Water, Cinnamon Essential oil, Dates, Organic Cacao, Organic Maca, Vanilla, Organic Himalayan salt)
  • 1 Prana ShotVital Shot (Ginger, Lemon, Organic Cayenne pepper)
  • 1 LP Morning Alkalizer(Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Oxygenated Alkaline Water)

Recommended Schedule

1.Waking Up: LP Morning Alkalizer (mix in a cup of warm water, optionally add a teaspoon of raw honey)

2.Breakfast(8 am): Prana Shot and Gracious Greens

3.Snack (10 am): Crazy Lean

4.Lunch (1 pm): Sweet Gracious Greens

5.Snack (3 pm): LP Master Cleanzer

6.Late Afternoon (5 pm): Roots Energy

7.Dinner (8 pm): LP Chocolate Almond Mylk

8.Drink H2O throughout the day


Adjust times as needed for your personal schedule.

Drink water and/or herbal teas throughout the day.

If you feel your body really needs some solid food, you may eat small amounts of the raw fruits or veggies that are in your juices.

Additional Liquid Prana Juices or Mylks, that fit in your plan, can be purchased.

Rest, relax and sleep early!

  • What is a Detox? +

     A detox is an effective way to cleanse the body of toxins, while speeding up your metabolism and enhancing your overall health.

    Toxins include any substances that can be poisonous or cause the body harm. Including metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides, and poisons.

     Liquid Prana Detox Plans use REAL cold-pressed juices in a systematic approach to help your body remove these toxins that are stored in body fat, connective tissue, blood and organs. While replacing your regular meals with cold-pressed juices, your body is pumped full of powerful vitamins and nutrients, guiding it to release toxins.

     Liquid Prana Detox Plans will help the body's natural cleansing process by:

    1. Resting the organs from solid foods digestion
    2. Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body
    3. Increasing elimination through intestines, kidneys and skin
    4. Improving blood circulation
    5. Recharging the body with healthy nutrients


  • Why is Detox Necessary? +

    Detox is good for your body, mind and spirit for many reasons. First, it gives your digestive system a chance to rest and recharge. Pollution, chemicals, plastics, as well as alcohol, caffeine, medications and food preservatives surround us. Our livers simply cannot keep up. Our sensitive organs and immune systems were never designed to put up with this assault. Thus we are left feeling sluggish, stressed, overweight, tired, having skin breakouts, and a weakened immune systems.

    So we can all justify giving the body a kick-starter once in a while. 
    Liquid Prana Detox Plans are the perfect way to boost your detoxification systems, flush out toxins, hydrate your cells, nourish your body, and leave you feeling better than ever.

  • How Do I Know it’s Time to Detox? +

    Signs that it is time for a detox plan may include:

     A weakened immune system

    • Troubled skin
    • Allergies
    • Moods swings or anger
    • Sleeplessness
    • Poor digestion
    • Weight gain
    • Low energy
    • Feeling and looking blah


  • Benefits of a Cold-Pressed Juice Detox? +

    Some of the changes that you may feel as a result of your

    Liquid Prana Detox Plan may include: 

    • A lightness of being
    • Increased energy
    • Mental Clarity
    • Improved digestion
    • Elevated mood
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Boosted immunity
    • Improved sleep
    • Glowing skin
    • Better organ function
    • Anti-aging
    • Weight loss
    • Reduced body fat & cellulite
    • Control over addictions
    • Enhances sex drive


  • The Liquid Prana Special Touch? +

    One of the things that makes Liquid Prana Cold Pressed Juice recipes special is our use of ESSENTIAL oils. Not all essential oils are ideal for oral consumption! But, fortunately for you, we know essential oils! When you know which oils, in which amount and how to use them, they can support your detox process while making it subtly more delicious.

     Our Juices are made with a REAL hydraulic juice press.  This extraordinary cold-pressing technology retains the maximum amount of life force and nutrients possible. No heat or cutting of enzymes from centrifugal blending. Always raw!  Never blended! Never masticated! Never pasteurized!  

    We will provide you with the correct daily dose of nurturing and healing juice.  Allowing you to support your body, not deprive, starve it or stress it.

    Your cold-pressed juices will act as a meal replacements throughout the day, charging your body with live nutrients, while giving your digestive system a rest. Ideally, you will not consume solid foods. We recommend avoiding caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks and anything processed during your detox.

     Remember To:

    • COLD THEM UP! The juices should be kept refrigerated as soon as you pick them up to ensure that they remain alive for up to three days. We recommend that you start your cleanse on the day you get the juices to maximize freshness. 
    • Use -Reuse!  Liquid Prana is committed to sustainability and reducing waste! That is why you will see many, many glass bottles made to use and reuse. Glass keeps your juices pure, better tasting and free from any contaminants that are leached from plastic. Please clean and reuse the bottles yourself.  Or simply rinse and bring them back to Liquid Prana, and we will take care of them! 


  • Future LP Detox Plans +

     After Liquid Prana’s phase one of operation, we will be introducing additional, targeted LP Detox Plans including: 

    • LP Detox WITH FOOD
    • LP Skin Rejuvenation
    • LP Medicinal Detox (condition specific)
    • LP Pre-Wedding Wellness Pack
    • LP Sleep Well Pack
    • LP Party Detox
    • LP Smoker’s Detox
    • LP Prenatal Wellness Pack
    • LP Postnatal Wellness Pack
    • LP Corporate Wellness Pack


  • LP Detox Tips +

     An LP Detox Plan with cold-pressed juice is likely a dramatic shift from the way you normally eat. Doing a little prep work ensures a smoother transition into, and out of, your juice detox plan. 

    It is possible to start a LP Detox Plan cold turkey, directly from your regular eating habit. But, you will have better results if you do some prep work for a few days leading up to your detox plan. Although, coming off of your LP Detox Plan properly is essential!

    Follow these guidelines 3 days before and 3 days after your LP Detox Plan: 

    • Ease off packaged and processed foods. Swap in whole, unprocessed foods, like nuts, raw fruits and veggies, instead of a junk snacks. 
    • Opt for lean, organic protein. Cut out eggs, red meat, pork, and deli meats, and opt for organic chicken or turkey instead. Cooked fish is fine, but no raw sushi or ceviche.
    • Cut out high-caffeine and alcohol. Substitute green and herbal teas for your daily latte or energy drinks, and pass on the cocktails.
    • Remove animal dairy while you’re cleansing. Seek out other creamy, plant-based foods to satisfy that need, like avocado, banana, and coconut yogurt.
    • Lose the wheat. During this time, cut out all wheat and gluten products -- pasta, pizza, bread, pastries, crackers, or cookies. Opt for quinoa and brown rice instead.
    • Pass on added sugar. That means sweet treats like cookies (even gluten-free), candy, and anything else that has added sweetener. Hold off on adding sweetener to foods as well.
    • Eat the right nuts. Pass on the peanut butter for now, and swap in almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, coconut, and organic nut butters.
    • Skip bottled sauces. Choose extra virgin olive oil for dressings. When cooking at home use coconut oil, and cut out packaged sauces, many of which contain added sugars and preservatives. Use herbs and spices for added flavor.


  • Do’s and Don’ts for Your Detox +
    • DO drink lots of water and expect to urinate frequently
    • DO enjoy hot water with lemon and herbal teas
    • DO get plenty of rest and give your body time to restore, heal and rejuvenate
    • DO enjoy light exercise, a relaxing massage, or acupuncture to boost your detoxification 


    • DON'T have high-caffeine or decaffeinated coffee
    • DON'T consume alcohol or other beverages such as carbonated water or diet soda
    • DON'T snack in between juices. If you feel your body needs something badly, try low-sugar fruits or soaked, raw nuts.


  • What to Expect +

     In the early stages of detox, you may start to feel some discomforts as part of the process of the bad stuff coming out. Light headaches, nausea, or waves of emotion are not unusual. Once most of the toxins have left the body you may start to feel a euphoric energy, increased mental capacity, and a settling of negative emotion. Steeped in high vibrational juices and foods, we literally begin to vibrate on a higher level and tune into more subtle planes of consciousness.  You will experience a sharp clarity, a grounded calm, a sense of weightlessness, and natural life force energy from within.

    All this will revive your excitement and stamina. Sleep will come easily and be deep, rising will feel effortless, and the days in between will flow. Your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your body’s weight will balance, and you will be buzzing with health.

    Support the release of those toxins. Some of Liquid Prana’s favorite ways to aid your body in releasing toxins include: sweating, yoga, skin brushing, tongue scraping, oil pulling, colon hydrotherapy, massage, sauna, magnesium salt baths, and deep breathing.


  • LP Detox Plan Disclaimer! +

     LP Detox Plans are not intended for use by minors, pregnant or nursing women, individuals with any type of health condition, or users of prescription drugs. Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of detox or weight loss regimen.

    Liquid Prana is not a medical organization and our team cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from us should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician’s consultation, evaluation, or treatment. 

    All Liquid Prana products are produced in a facility that also processes nuts and other raw items that may cause allergic reactions. Liquid Prana is not responsible for any side effects, allergies or health conditions that may occur during consumption of our products. If you have any adverse reactions, please immediately contact your physician!

{   All Liquid Prana juices are 100% cold-pressed, truly raw and Non-pasteurized. We use the latest technology of REAL Cold Press Machines! No Blending!  No Masticating!   }

Liquid Prana Detox Plans have been designed to include a wide variety of locally sourced, fresh produce. Our juice recipes intelligently combine fruit, herbs and vegetables that are praised for their detoxifying, cleansing properties.

Rich in essential plant micronutrients, each juice contains a different nutrient profile that nourishes your body and supports detoxification and healing.

Liquid Prana Detox Plans will allow your system to focus its energy on repairing, rejuvenating, and nourishing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

  • Liquid Prana prepares your juices fresh for your pick up. So please give us a couple days notice by ordering ahead.
  • To ensure your cold-pressed juices are freshest throughout your detox plan, 5-day or 7-day detox plans will be cold-pressed and picked up in two phases. When you order these 5 or 7-day plans, we will schedule your pick-ups accordingly.
  • Pick ups are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, after 5pm
  • Soon we will announce a delivery program in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.
  • Some Liquid Prana juice recipes may be unavailable or change based on seasonality or availability of fresh, local produce.
  • Contact us if you need help deciding on the right detox plan for you.
  • Please make us aware if you have allergies or intolerance to any products!

Getting Started is Easy!

  • Choose your Liquid Prana Detox Plan
  • Call or email us
  • We will take care of the rest!

Repeat your detox plan as often as feels appropriate for you. Some of our clients do a 1-day detox each week. Or a 3-day detox each month. Others do a 5 or 7-day detox quarterly or twice a year.

Once you complete your first couple detoxes, you will be in tune with what your body needs on an ongoing basis.


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